judy_waldman__web__3.jpgHOMESTEAD _ Homestead City Councilwoman Judy Waldman on Monday obtained a temporary restraining order against a man who posted a controversial video on YouTube suggesting that she would be killed or would commit suicide.

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A Homestead police detective served the order on Patrick Pascuzzo at his home just after 4 p.m. Monday, according to sources who have requested that their names not be published.


Waldman has consulted with an attorney and will seek to have the injunction permanently imposed against Pascuzzo, sources said.


Pascuzzo did not respond to questions about the restraining order, and it remains unclear exactly what temporary restrictions or limitations have been placed on him as a result of the order.


A restraining order is a court-imposed sanction designed to keep an abuser – or potential abuser – away from the victim of abuse.


Waldman filed papers Monday in Miami-Dade County court to have a temporary restraining order imposed against Pascuzzo, a 53-year-old city resident who has admitted that he produced the video and posted it on YouTube.


Waldman said she asked the court for the restraining order because she took the video as a death threat.


Pascuzzo has said it was political satire.

Pascuzzo posted the video on YouTube May 5, using the screen name “AtashyDL.’’ It was listed in the satire category

With the music of boy-band 'N Sync’s 2000 hit song, “Bye Bye Bye” playing in the background, the video begins with the words, “Farewell, So Long, Sayonara, Adios and Good Riddance To the suicide blonde” flashing across the screen.

Then, a photo of a blonde-haired woman holding a revolver to her head appears.

Next, there is a succession of photos of Waldman, who is also blonde, at various official city functions.

Some of the photos show Waldman with other elected officials and people from the local community at different events, including some that took place inside city hall.

The video winds down with a scene of cars screeching their tires on a street, followed by a chalk drawing like the one police use to outline a dead body in the roadway.

After the South Florida Times published a report about the video on its website on Thursday, June 3, Pascuzzo removed it and closed his YouTube account.


Pictured above is Homestead City Councilwoman Judy Waldman.