sharon_angle.jpgLAS VEGAS (AP) _ Nevada tea party favorite Sharron Angle said Friday the nation needs more than a pretty face in the White House.

The Republican said on the “Today'' show that President Barack Obama was given a pass by the media during the 2008 election, and she urged voters to research candidates for themselves.

“You know, we have a lot of pretty faces on TV, but we don't know what they have done,'' she said. “What we need is more than just a pretty face when it comes to government. We need people who really understand what we need as people.''

Asked if Obama was a pretty face, Angle said, “Some people think so.''

Angle went on television's top-rated morning show to promote her self-published autobiography.

“Right Angle: One Woman's Journey to Reclaim the Constitution'' will be released Thursday through Proceeds will go toward Angle's political action committee, Our Voice.

Angle is a former state assemblywoman and frequent candidate. She overcame a crowded Republican field last year in Nevada's U.S. Senate race but lost to Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid.

On the campaign trail, Angle warned citizens would resort to “Second Amendment remedies'' if government was not brought under control. The amendment guarantees the freedom to bear arms.

She clarified in her book, “Drastic measures must be taken to stop these politicians in their tracks. Does this mean a revolution is in order? No. I am simply saying the American people can replace corrupt, weak, and self-interested politicians.''

Angle also calls affirmative action a distortion of the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr.

Angle has been soliciting campaign donations to prepare for another run for office but withdrew last month from Nevada's special election to fill a vacant House seat.

“I haven't closed any doors,'' she told the “Today'' show. “Everything is open to me.''