judi-cineas_web.jpgBecause you only live this life once, Living the Dream provides Individual, Couples and Family Therapy, Crisis Intervention (emergency appointments available), Mental Health Checkups & Boosters, Psychosocial Assessments, Clinical Assessments & Diagnoses, helping clients address issues such as anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, Stress Management, Behavior Modification, Transition, Adjustment & Coping, and Body Image issues, to name a few.

JUDI CINÉAS: Founder and therapist; B.S. in Human Services, Lesley University, Cambridge, MA; MSW, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton; Ph.D. in Global Leadership, Lynn University. Florida Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in transition, depression and anxiety.

Company mission: Making mental health part of the overall health picture by promoting emotional well being, educating individuals about the value of their mental health and providing therapeutic services that are effective and efficient.

Stay tuned for: Living The Dream Inc. provides training and workshops throughout the year providing information and sharing tools.

Contact: Appointments at 2875 S.Ocean Blvd., Suite 200, Palm Beach, FL 33480; call 561-Dr-JudiC (375-8342); email Info@DrJudiC.com; visit DrJudiC.com

Best thing about my work: As a transition specialist, the best thing about my work is seeing people getting to where they want to be.

I work with many clients who battle depression and anxiety and seeing the difference between the client who started therapy and the one exiting is indescribable, and knowing that I had a hand in making that change happen is just humbling.


Your Therapy …Your Therapist