What's up with the wave of black men exhaling on YouTube? The series of animated shorts feature picture perfect, look-who's-coming-to-dinner black men engaged in emasculating rants with materialistic, delusional, baller-obsessed black women. It's a satirical take on the state of black dating from the oft-bashed male quarter, so in that I recognize its value.

But you have to wonder, how is it that "good" black men get their hearts torn out by these she-devils in the first place? Are they blinded by the women's inner beauty? Somehow I don't think that's the case.

I blame Judd Apatow. Knocked Up, 40 Year Old Virgin, etc. all feature less than average guys with women 3 or 4 points above them in sex appeal. Nerds have taken note. They're passing up nerdy girls for video vixens, then are shocked! Shocked! when they get treated like tricks.

If the viral popularity of these videos say anything, it's that there are large numbers of embittered, self pitying black men with unrealistic expectations of women whose main attraction is physical. Open your eyes, guys.