susan_stanton_2.jpegELGIN JONES

FORT LAUDERDALE – Susan Stanton, a former Lake Worth city manager, who was fired last December, has been hired in Fort Lauderdale.

Stanton will work as an accountant in Fort Lauderdale’s Housing and Community Development division, earning the position minimum of $28.94 per hour.

Stanton born Steven B. Stanton and worked for the city of Largo, Florida in various positions for 17-years, the last 14 as city manager. He was fired in 2007 after it was revealed he was in the process of having a sex change operation.

She was hired as city manager in  Lake Worth in 2009 until her termination in December of 2011.


*Pictured above are Steven B. Stanton, left, and Susan Stanton, right.