susan-taylor-and-cecil-hayes_web.jpgFor two highly accomplished African-American women, self love is more than a simple idea or concept: It is a way of life.

For many decades, Susan Taylor has been a beacon of hope to millions of African-American women who read the pages of Essence magazine for inspiration in their professional, family and love lives. As the driving force behind the distinguished publication and its editor for nearly 40 years, Taylor gave readers enlightening advice in her popular In The Spirit column.

Also an accomplished woman, Cecil Hayes is an award-winning Florida-based interior designer. She has inspired clients through her unique designs, which pay respect to traditional African cultures while promoting love of self through one’s surroundings.

To celebrate both women’s accomplishments, the Broward County Library system and JBS Marketing Group will present “All about Love… Love of Home, Love of Self.”

The book-signing event will celebrate Taylor’s newest book, All about Love, and Hayes’ two published works, Nine Steps to Beautiful Living and The Art of Decorative Details.

The event will take place at the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center on Thursday, July 24th. It will provide an
opportunity for fans to participate in a meet-and-greet while they are entertained at a reception commemorating the milestones of both authors.

Taylor’s new book, All about Love is about “personal transformation and social change, and how we can have walk-on-water faith in the face of any adversity,” she said. “I compiled the essays in my newest book to help us remember what we too frequently forget: Every circumstance is a pathway to God. Every crisis is temporary, lasting not a moment longer than it takes for us to surrender it to God…’’

Taylor left Essence earlier this year to focus her attention on the National Cares Mentoring Movement, a mentorship program she founded to connect vulnerable black youngsters with caring adults.

She said it is important for her to get her message out through her books.

“My writings are dedicated to coaxing us to think critically about our lives and harness our enormous power,’’ Taylor said. “We are not weak or incomplete. We don't have to live small, anxious lives, always on the edge. We are powerful beyond our knowing; we are more than enough!”

She has published three other books: In the Spirit: The Inspirational Writings of Susan L. Taylor, Lessons in Living and Confirmation: The Spiritual Wisdom That Has Shaped Our Lives, the latter which she coauthored with her husband, Khephra Burns.

Hayes, who has been noted in the pages of Architectural Digest as one of the leading interior designers in the world, told the South Florida Times that,  “‘All about love… Love of Home, Love of Self’ means that everything is one. The center is you and in that center of you, everything you do exemplifies how you feel about you. This is the philosophy I have when I design spaces for people.”

Hayes, whose works have been incorporated into the event at the library as well as the homes of many high-profile clients, including Samuel L. Jackson, Derek Brown and Wesley Snipes, said that both her books are about “teaching the average consumer how to professionally decorate their home.”


What: The Broward County Library and JBS Marketing Group presents “All about Love… Love of Home, Love of Self”

Where: African-American Research Library and Cultural Center, 2650 Sistrunk Blvd., near Fort Lauderdale.

When: Thursday, July 24, 2008 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Cost: Free and open to the public

Contact: 954-625-2800