mike-alexis_web.jpgMIAMI – Less than a year after the 105 lb. TACOLCY Raiders made history by bringing home the agency’s first-ever Pop Warner Super Bowl National Championship, the team said their final farewells to 11-year-old friend and teammate Mike Alexis. The service was held at Victory Haitian Baptist Church in Miami.

The oldest of seven children ranging from ages 2, “Lil’ Mike,” as he affectionately was called, played for the Raiders the last four years of his short life.

The chubby defensive tackle loved football and had dreams of one day becoming a lawyer and head football coach – he could often be caught drawing his own plays and was well loved by his coaches and teammates, friends said.

The tragedy has been devastating to his parents, Geraldine Alexis and Mackenzie Jean Baptiste, and family. Alexis said she discovered Lil’ Mike deceased on Sunday, June 9, when she entered his room to check on him. He died in his sleep two days after having surgery to remove his tonsils.

“His brothers and sisters don’t understand that he’s not coming back home,” Baptiste said.

Due to his untimely death, Lil’ Mike’s family lacked the resources to cover his funeral expenses. Community members have stepped up to assist with the Greater Miami Pop Warner collecting donations on the family’s behalf and the Better Florida Foundation covering the rest of the funeral expenses.

The family was still short, however, for related expenses such as the headstone; donations can be sent to Geraldine Alexis at 13420 N.E. 14th Ave., North Miami.