rochelleoliver.jpgI can remember the phrase, “the truth shall set you free” as clearly as a childhood nursery rhyme. It was the idea that being upfront about our shortcomings, lies and treachery would unburden us all. But how true is the saying today? With technological advances, which leave little behind closed doors, it’s time this phrase got an upgrade.
Today’s catch phrase should be more along the lines of this: “Don’t put any skeletons into your closet, or today’s revolution will be downloaded’’ – be it on MySpace, YouTube or a handy dandy cell phone (so watch what you say and do). And the consequences drastically affect the lives of young adults everywhere. Accountability is higher than ever before.

Some bones that have been dragged out of the closet most recently involve Tupac’s killer. Recent findings by the Los Angeles Times suggest that people within Diddy’s camp may have conspired in Tupac’s death.

And as fast as fingers could click on a mouse, bloggers and other publications strung the story onto their front pages.

This is a bone many people wish would just stay buried. I strongly believe the murderer wouldn’t be a mystery if camera phones were around back in the mid-90s, which is my point.
Wherever there’s the camera, there’s the truth and a way, although not always in your favor as the saying suggests.

And not to add more fire to the smoldering rubble left of Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the 22-year-old prostitute involved with the Eliot Spitzer case, but the Girls Gone Wild tape with her on it spread like wildfire on dry sticks. Was DSL even around when she was taped? Could she have known technology would catapult her across the country?

Also, not so long ago, Audrina Patridge, The Hills gal pal on MTV, had a nude picture posted of her online. As TMZ reports, Patridge isn’t ashamed of these images at all.

Naturally, we begin to hold these people accountable for their actions. And we raise suspicions about their character, but don’t be so quick to throw stones.

For adults out there: Take a trip back into memory lane. What would be plastered all over the Internet if you were raised in today’s time?

The truth, be it good or bad, isn’t so easily concealed nowadays, which means growing up and being a kid isn’t so easy either.