veron-frith_web.jpgIt’s time For African Americans to be recognized, Instead of being blocked by shadows of others as they shine.

Our ancestors contributed the same… No… more than any race,

From the stoplight to the stove it’s time they were embraced.

The journey from freedom packed them onto cargo ships like sardines in a can,

If not a grave in the sea, they were herded off into fields of corn, tobacco and cotton to toil in the "promise" land.

They sacrificed their lives for you and me,

Addie Mae Collins, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X… this we agree.

In the quest for African-American citizenship, they struggled to reach hopes and dreams. So one day their children would hold their heads up with esteem.

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness all men were guaranteed,

Instead they received death, imprisonment, and depression – opposite of the creed. This is the Land where OUR fathers died too,

So we should be vested with the rights, privileges and duties of an American citizen… they are due!

As to the question for you and me…

It’s a time for celebration and recognition… the journey is through… that's the way is should be!

Veron Frith is a 14-year-old freshman at Pompano Beach High School. She won a digital camera for submitting this essay in a contest titled “What the Quest for Black Citizenship in America Means to Me.’’ To read Veron’s story, which appeared in the April 17 edition of the South Florida Times, log onto