kaylensandersweb.jpgApril showers, water flows

I skip to school, umbrella in tow

Long boots, yellow slicker

Pitter patter, all the quicker

Rains all day, never stops

The constant and trying drip of drops

A sheet of clouds covers the sky

Thick and broad, not a bird can get by

An impenetrable maze of haze

Raincoats are the latest craze

A menagerie of puddles lies amidst the town

As you step outside, your boots are drowned

Frizz overcomes your hair in the shower

The sun no longer holds any power

Most that live in this dreariness would say,

“Rain, rain, go away!”

Kaylen Jameela Sanders, 11, of Pembroke Pines, is a seventh-grade student at Walter C. Young Middle School in Pembroke Pines.