WELLINGTON — Beach Central High School has been selected as a site to host the AT&T vehicle simulator that demonstrates to drivers the dangers of texting and driving. This vehicle will be on campus on Tuesday, May 15 in the gymnasium.

The initiative is part of AT&T’s It Can Wait campaign that creates awareness about the use of technology behind the wheel. The main goal is to educate all wireless users, but especially teen drivers, that there is a smart way to text.

“It is important to educate our students about this because the only way to help them become aware of the severity of this issue is by experiencing it,” said Eric Stern, the district’s Drivers Ed Program planner.

Students, teachers and staff members will have the opportunity to use the simulator, which gives a realistic experience to drivers as to what happens when they text and drive. It is equipped with a real car, a set of glasses and a computer. Drivers are asked to use their phones, as they normally would, to see that when their attention is set on the mobile device, and not the road, the consequences can be dangerous and sometimes fatal. 

For more information contact Eric Stern at 561-434-7450 or via e-mail at eric.stern@palmbeachschools.org