revjoaquinwillisweb.gifWe can be certain that God’s will for people of every generation is that they become “Godly Seed.”

Our prayer for our children should be that they become “Godly Seed.”

Beth Moore, in her book Breaking Free, says, “I love my parents and grandparents, and I want to pass down many wonderful things they’ve given me. We faithfully attended church, but my parents
were never taught how to walk with God daily through prayer and His Word. They did not possess intimate relationships with God that released power to overcome some big obstacles.”

Jesus, in the parable of the four soils – Luke (8:11) – tells us, “(The Godly Seed) is the Word of God.” 

“God’s Word,” seeks good soil in which to be planted. Yet often God finds instead that of the four types of soil in Luke (8:4-15) three have difficulty receiving the Word.

These three are “The Path people” who refused to believe God’s message; “The Rock People” who believe Christ’s message but never get around to doing anything about it; and “The Thorn Patch
People” who are overcome by worries and the lure of materialism, and who leave no room in their lives for God.

Thank God for the fourth type, “The Good Soil People” who, in contrast to the others, follow Jesus no matter what the cost.

Luke reminds us that those who obey the word of God are “The Good Soil People” who reproduce “Godly Seeds.” Many today struggle with the Word of God and find themselves as Path, Rock or
Thorn Patch People who don’t understand why their lives aren’t blessed.

“The Godly Seed,” says Jesus in Luke 8:15, “When it falls on good soil stands for those with noble and good hearts, hear God’s Word, retain it and by persevering produce great crop.”

If you believe as I do that it is people, not buildings, who make up a church, then it is critical to you, too, that each person is good soil, that each can receive the Word and allow it to grow in their hearts.

Sometimes we criticize what happens around us, but are unwilling to take the challenge to do anything about it, so that we can positively affect those who come after us.

Beth Moore deals with this point in a chapter called “The Ancient of Days,” based upon Daniel (7:9) which calls God “The Ancient of Days.” Moore tells a story about her daughter, who prayed in school one day when she was in the second grade.

Moore said, “‘Oh Amada, do you know how much it means to mommy for you to make God a part of your day?’

Moore says she will never forget Amanda’s answer: “You’re so silly, Mommy. You know God made the day. I’m just glad He made me a part of His day.”

In this story, Amanda expressed the meaning of God’s wonderful name “The Ancient of Days.”

No matter what sin or atrocity has taken place in our lives, God can raise up a new generation of “Godly Seed.”

The Rev. Dr. R. Joaquin Willis is pastor of the Church of the Open Door at 6001 NW 8th Ave., Miami.  To contact the church, call 305-759-0373 or email the pastor at