barbarahowardweb.gifOn April 28, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states can require voters to produce a photo ID without violating their constitutional rights.  The court upheld an Indiana law that requires specific government-issued identification like driver’s licenses or passports.

Democrats and civil rights groups screamed bloody murder.

“OMG – now poor people, old people, black folk and minority groups will suffer,’’ they might have said. “Those evil Republicans want to stop our constituents from voting.  It’s unconstitutional infringement on a person’s right to vote.”

John Bresnahan wrote in that “Dems fear photo-ID law fallout.”  He quoted three high-level Democrats lamenting the Supreme Court’s ruling, as follows: Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) called the decision “a body blow to what America stands for – equal access to the polls.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called the ruling “disappointing” and said it “places obstacles to the fundamental rights of American citizens – especially the poor, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities – to participate in the electoral process.’’

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) said the Justices who voted to uphold the law in a 6 to 3 vote “failed to protect access to the ballot box for some of the most vulnerable Americans.”

Leahy further argued that the Justice Department, under President Bush, has employed “the specter of purported ‘voter fraud’ for political advantage,” saying the voter fraud argument which led to the photo ID requirement is “a myth.”

Democratic strategist Donna Brazille said on CNN that there is not and never has been any voter fraud. Any measure by Republicans to guard against voter fraud, she said, is just another way to disenfranchise the Democrats’ solid base of black folk.

Well, I guess when the state of Kansas indicted members of the Democratic organization ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) for submitting names of dead people in their voter registration drive, it was not voter fraud.

And when Washington Secretary of State accused ACORN of “the worst case of voter-registration fraud in the history of the state of Washington,” he must have been mistaken. 

Falsely registered names on voter rolls such as Marilyn Monroe and Mickey Mouse or voters who vote from a different address than where they currently reside or double-voting and voting by illegal aliens, non-citizens or ex-felons can’t possibly be seen as voter fraud. 

Why? Because Democrats insist there is no voter fraud.

What is so ludicrous is that while Democrats are crying about the Supreme Court decision, most states have lenient ID requirements or none at all.  Only Indiana, Arizona, Georgia and Florida have strict voter-ID laws.

And in those four states you can get the required photo ID for only $13, $10 for the elderly.  And if you prove that you can’t afford the $13, you can get the ID for FREE!!!!

So Democrats are upset because……?  Well, those four states have Republican governors and Republican-controlled legislatures – that’s the real deal.

But let the bloggers tell you what’s so bad about Democrats crying foul. 

Independent Brad Gates wrote, “to exercise your Second Amendment right, you must show a photo ID, proof of citizenship, go through a criminal background check to make sure you’re not a convicted felon, and pay at least a $20 fee to the government.”

He continued: “And the Democrats want MORE restrictions and controls.  To exercise your right to vote, you must simply show a photo ID.  And the Democrats go apezhit berserk.  The irony is rich.”

Republican Shane807 says it all: 

“Just so I get this right:  To open a bank account; ID and a SS no. is required.  To board an airplane, receive public assistance, cash a Social Security check, even check out a book from a public library; ID is required.” 

He continued: “The Democratic party thinks that it is too much of a burden on a person to get a free ID (to vote)…I don’t know.  I am beginning to think there are other motives by the Democrat Party.”

You think????

Didn’t Indiana just have the highest primary turnout in 20 years, even with the required ID?

Guess the Supreme Court got it right after all.

Barbara Howard is president of Barbara Howard & Associates and the Florida state chair for C.O.R.E. (the Congress of Racial Equality).