barbarahowardweb.gifSince I’ve been writing positive articles about the Republican Party, I’ve received numerous, wonderfully inspiring emails.

They come in two different groups: from beleaguered black Republicans who are grateful to finally find a kindred spirit, and from white Republicans who are elated to find a black person devoid of unfounded hatred for people they have never met, know nothing about, and have defined as racist.
But for every dozen or so encouraging messages, there is always one that makes my point of how vile and vicious some folk can be when you don’t agree with them. Last year, I shared some comments I received when writing about Fidel Castro’s endorsement of then-presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Since then, the comments about Republicans have gotten so noxious that they rival the white-hot burning ash from Mount Pelée, the deadliest volcano in the 20th century, which left 30,000 dead. 

It seems like only a similar occurrence to Republicans would satisfy Democrats suffering from Republican Derangement Syndrome (RDS).

So when I wrote “You Say Why Republican Party, I Say Why Not,” I got the following love note from a man who let me know in no uncertain terms that: “Anyone with a brain knows that the Republican Party of today is not the Republican Party of yesteryear.

Our nation’s history is replete with the likes of self-hating “jemimas” and “toms” like yourself and Clarence Thomas.”

He wasn’t satisfied with that, so he continued the insults for emphasis. 

1.  “I don’t know you. Nor do I wish to know you.

2.  I call things what they are—a spade a spade—and what I called you fits you. You are not in a class by yourself. As I said previously, there are other self-haters like you.

3.  I know a lot about C.O.R.E., the organization you allegedly head, and how it has drastically changed—like the Republican Party—since the days of Floyd McCissick  (sic) and James Farmer.  You bring shame to their names and what they stood for. You are the Roy Innis type character.  (Note:  Unfortunately he only thinks he knows about these men.  It is obvious that he has no clue. He doesn’t even know how to spell Floyd McKissick’s name.)

4.  The person that you are is further revealed by listing your credentials to substantiate your worthiness; make you feel secure.  Such doesn’t impress me one bit.  Hopefully, someday you will wise up and see that it is your brain, your character, your integrity that earn you respect.   

5.  It’s simply comedic, a joke, to posit that I have profited from your ‘Look What I Have Done’ things—like traveling to Kenya, heading C.O.R.E., president of a company, and the founder of another company.  Really???  That’s brainless pretentiousness. 

6.  For your sake, I repeat:  I don’t know you, never seen you, nor wish to. But I’ve lived long enough to know your kind. The historical struggle of Black people in this country is replete with the likes of repugnant self-haters. Just like you. 
7.  As one with bachelor and master degrees in communications and a lifetime experience as a technical and Federal Government writer, I use words to fit my audience. I trust you have the brain to get my point. (Note: So it’s wrong to list my credentials, but not him?)

8.  Finally, you are really a nitwit and lightweight if you believe the Republican Party of today is the party of Lincoln.”

You know, it would be comical if it wasn’t so sad.  Who knew that just saying I belong to the Republican Party would elicit such venom?  It’s reminiscent of being black in segregated Alabama in the ‘60s.  But then people who didn’t want me to vote wore uniforms at night – white sheets over their heads.

And then when they were forced to let us vote, they made us vote as Democrats.

Now, it’s not white men with guns and burned crosses who harass us for voting Republican, but black and white folk sitting at desks or speaking in front of microphones.

So I ask why?  Why such hostility? Such ugliness?  Didn’t we fight for the right to vote for the person of our choice?  Or does the right only belong to us when we vote Democrat? 

And if that is so, then what did we win?

Barbara Howard is president of Barbara Howard & Associates and the Florida state chair for C.O.R.E. (the Congress of Racial Equality).