barbarahowardweb.gifJohn McCain gave himself a great birthday present – a secret weapon.  On Aug. 29, he announced to the world that his running mate would be the governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

McCain, the Republican nominee for president, did what most Democrats had hoped that their presidential nominee, Barack Obama, would have done: Choose a woman for his vice president.

But Obama bypassed Hillary.  I guess two history-making people on the ticket would have been just a little too much for him.  The emperor must stand alone.

Anyway, the selection of the no-nonsense self-proclaimed “soccer mom” as second in command sent the haters into overdrive.  The far left liberal blogs pulled out all the stops.

They called her everything but a child of God.  They made fun of her baby, born with Down Syndrome, saying he was actually a baby born of incest between her daughter and her son, calling him “the magic baby.” They even spread vicious lies about her husband being “on the down low.”

The Obama camp sent emails insinuating she was a “Nazi sympathizer.”

The depth of their mean and nasty gossip missiles knows no bounds.  Check out, where I found,  “VPILF Did John McCain Know That Sarah Palin Is In The Middle OF A SCANDAL?”  as well as the comments that follow below. Judge for yourself.

“Ooh, I hadn’t heard the incest angle. I like it, keep it up!” 

“Rumor and Innuendo: This firing of the bro-in-law/State Trooper thing.”

“Policy/Platform: She would rather blow a little dope than drink. Supply your own punchlines, people.”

“When she opens her trap she destroys 39.75 percent of her hotness. That phrase “God given” that she frequently uses in public, is a turn off.”

“There was some story when she did pop that she got on an airplane from the lower 48 and high-tailed it back to Alaska to have the alien-baby.”

Had enough?  I know I have.  Why anyone would read this kind of vile foolishness, much less pass it on, is beyond me.  But the liberal hit squad has stooped this low. 

Yet let a conservative speak out against legitimate concerns of experience, economic platform and love of country by Obama and there is such a backlash that has even included demands that the Justice Department investigate all involved.

Here we have a woman who could very well make history by becoming the next vice president and is a God-fearing mother who chose to give birth to a baby she knew had special needs. 

Sarah Palin chose to love her teenage daughter, who unfortunately got pregnant and, to her credit, knows that marriage should happen before the birth of the child. 

Almost everyone can relate to teenage pregnancy in their own family.  Unfortunately, many choose to remain silent on the problem that being an unwed mother brings.

Palin’s anti-abortion stance is one held dear by most Christians, both black and white.  She also believes that creationism should be taught in schools.  One has to wonder why so many Christians are mute when schools can’t teach what they believe – that God created heaven and earth.

As a working mother, she chose to return to work immediately after giving birth, much like most middle-class women of all ethnic groups have to do.

She has put ethics first and even took on her own party while rejecting millions of dollars for a “bridge to nowhere.”

So I think that whether you agree with her stance on drilling or the fact that she is a card-carrying Republican or a member of the
NRA, she deserves the respect that most people think she has earned.

In fact, she has shown that she has the strength that we have admired in most successful women.  A virtuous woman. 

If she looked like me, she would be known as a strong black woman. If she were a man, I might have to call her Shaft, “‘cause she’s a bad mother – shut your mouth.”

As one of the Miami-Dade County black commissioners often says, “John McCain, you done good!”

Barbara Howard is president of Barbara Howard & Associates and the Florida state chair for C.O.R.E. (the Congress of Racial Equality).