barbarahowardweb.gifRemember the commercial that warned people about using drugs?  “This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?”

Well, I’d like to show you what your brain looks like on the drug called “Hatred for Republicans.”  It’s a euphoric trip to Never-Never Land. You go down the Rabbit Hole and whatever you find wrong with our country, you just blame Republicans.

Who cares about facts?  Who cares about the real world?  When your brain is on drugs nothing is more important than the next rush.  You replace all rationale with emotional hubris.  You proclaim your superiority to those whom you have deemed as unworthy. 

It’s like looking for your next hit.  Every chance you get, you take a swing. 

For example, I sent out an email of a article by Paul Weyrich, entitled “Al Gore to Lead U.S. into Abyss on Warming.” In it, well-renowned meteorologist, John Coleman, who presented data to the U.N. that 31,000 scientists refuted Al Gore’s global warming scare – compared to the 2,000 pro-global warming scientists on the U.N. climate change panel.

One would think that a rational individual would have given the article some consideration.  Instead I got this:

“No one believes the Fascist Republican Party.  There is no right-wing propaganda that you can produce that Americans will believe.  Republicans are guilty of lies, deception, corruption and terrorism to push their agenda. 

We witness war for oil, torture, government surveillance, corruption, sex scandals, high oil prices, high food prices, rising unemployment, declining wages, tax cuts for the wealthy, record inflation jumps, record home foreclosures, bank failures, bank socialist bailouts, Wall Street failures, Wall Street socialist bailouts, a worthless dollar, stock market crash, disappearing retirement savings, etc. 

We owe it all to the Republic Party.”

Wow! 31,000 scientists say the science of global warming is “flawed” and it generates this level of rage?  If it were an isolated incident, it would be laughable.  But it’s not.  The hate mail I got when I forwarded an email showing Castro endorsing Obama was so vile you can’t repeat it.  Yet my Cuban friends tell me the messages they get back from the island say Cubans can’t wait for Obama to talk to Castro.

Regardless of evidence, regardless of in-your-face facts – they play the blame game.  Drug addicts blame everyone but themselves for their status in life as they blindly chase that next high.

Democrats blame Republicans for everything, including the high rate of abortion and HIV/AIDS among black women.  My daughter asks what kind of drugs are these people smoking?

There is nothing you can say to make them believe that Democrats are to blame for anything.

They took prayer out of school, Christ out of Christmas and want to take God off our money, government buildings, and out of the Pledge of Allegiance.  And they blame Republicans for attacking the Constitution and ruining the country?   This is their brain on drugs.

To say Republicans are the cause of all things wrong with America is your brain drugged out on hatred.  Totally irrational.  Totally blind to the truth.  Totally unwilling to see the real state of affairs.
Gas prices are not caused by President Bush, but by supply and demand, OPEC’s state of mind, Wall Street speculators – experts say. 

But you can’t tell Democrats that.  Like drug addicts who miss out on life because they are in a constant state of euphoria, so far removed from reality they can’t see straight – these folk are so closed-minded that they miss out on the opportunities to see the light.

All one has to do is blame a situation on Republicans and they believe it. They are easily manipulated. Their minds have been filled with so much propaganda, that the truth has no meaning. 
18th Century philosopher/politician Edmund Burke wrote, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

So I refuse to stand idly by while people propagate this foolishness.  My grandchildren and great grandchildren deserve better.

Makes me glad I don’t do drugs.  I will go down fighting to spread the truth – with a clear mind and a clean heart.  And I’m taking no prisoners.  Any questions?