barbarahowardweb.gifThe year 2010 is the one when the tide of power could change all over the country, especially in Congress.

Each Congressional district is being scrutinized by the media as the political pundits try to outdo one another as to how psychic they are in determining the electoral outcome for the powerful men and women running this country.  But few of them seem to be discussing the group most likely to be the sleepers in many races: Black Republican candidates. 

Contrary to popular belief, there are many wonderful, intelligent and articulate black men and women running for office, sort of like the description of President Barack Obama that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, so callously bragged about once as if they were few and far between or that he was the one and only.  

Unfortunately, Reid was not the only one, judging by the many troops who circled the wagon protecting his right to judge us by his definition of a well-behaved, well-spoken, meticulously dressed and manicured black, unlike those “Negro” speaking blacks. The Rev. Al Sharpton, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, why even the President himself, rushed to circle the wagon praising Reid for his long and unblemished history of treating Negroes well.

Even blacks don’t get that kind of praise, especially those who left the plantation and joined the political party that they know didn’t kill thousands of other blacks in a hateful rage.  So they don’t have to make up a Hollywood script to stage make-believe perceptions of concern.  They follow the truth.  They are black Republicans who are putting it all on the line to take their rightful places in the halls of Congress or their state Legislatures.

In spite of hate and vicious names hurled at them, they stand tall as heroes in the fight to represent their communities while others just see the voters as faceless zombies whose only value is their vote.

These black Republican warriors fight in spite of the war waged on them in their own communities. They fight for right and the opportunity to free their brothers and sisters from the Democratic plantation. They fight alongside white Republicans to return our country to a belief in the Christian values of God, family and country.

So let’s call the roll of black candidates: Jennifer Carroll, lieutenant governor of Florida; Allen West, Florida’s 22nd Congressional District; Bill Randall, North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District; Tim Scott, South Carolina’s First Congressional District; Ryan Frazier, Colorado’s seventh Congressional District; Damon Dunn, California Secretary of State.

Also, Virginia Fuller, California’s seventh Congressional District; Michael Williams, for U.S. Senate, Texas; James White, U.S. House District #12, Texas; Isaac Hayes, Illinois’ Congressional District two; Charles Lollar, Maryland’s Fifth Congressional District; Les Phillip,  Alabama’s fifth Congressional District; Chrystopher Smith, California’s 39th District; and Chuck Smith, Virginia’s third Congressional District.

There are many more who labor in the vineyards daily.  We are over 62,000 in Florida alone.

That’s enough to carry any candidate, don’t you think?  But there are a few more laborers worth mentioning: Lloyd Marcus – Florida Tea Party; Frances Rice, National Black Republican Association; Sunny Francis Warren, Florida, former Georgia Congressional candidate; and Ted Lyons – Republican Executive Committee, Miami-Dade County.

So while Harry Reid only knows one articulate black man, we are hundreds of thousands and we are black Republicans. White closet racist liberals and blind black Democrats can call us names if they want but we will not be denied our true place in creating this history.  So if they have to call us names, they must call us the 5 percent of people who see the truth.  Soon they will know us by our real names – The Warriors – for we are more than conquerors; we are children of the Living God. 

And this is our time.