nissan-juke_web.jpgIs there someone in your life that could use a car this holiday season? In South Florida it is almost impossible to get around without a car. And a car with air conditioning is an absolute must. If gifting a car is within your means, here are four options to consider:

Best car under $18,000


The Ford Focus: It’s not as tiny as a sub-compact, provides great gas mileage, and has a fabulous interior.


Best fuel-efficient SUV


Nissan Juke: This five-passenger SUV is sporty to look at and, according to Kelley Blue Book’s website, provides 29 miles to the gallon. Who says SUVs have to be gas-guzzlers?


Best move-up car


Toyota Camry: A perennial favorite, the Camry carries passengers, sometimes with no need to do seat adjustments. The design is not memorable but it holds its resale value in a crowded car market.


Best luxury car under $40,000


Nothing says luxury more than a Mercedes Benz. Thankfully the 2014 CLA model starts at $30,000. So grab a big red bow, put it on top of one of these beauties and make this a holiday she won’t forget anytime soon.