supernatural_web.jpgThe "Supernatural’’ season finale that aired on Thursday, May 14 delivered the biggest shock of the season. Here’s my take on the finale tease:

Talk about a twist! This whole season has been focused on Dean Winchester, the older brother of the Supernatural fighting duo, who was risen from hell by the will of God because he had “work to do.”

Then, we find out during the last 30 minutes of the season finale that his work had nothing to do with stopping Lucifer from rising from hell. Instead, he was destined to battle the mega demon one on one during the apocalypse.

The angel, Castiel, deceived viewers and characters alike by telling Dean that he was meant to prevent the apocalypse, when the angel knew that it was Dean’s brother Sam who was going to bring it to fruition, all in accordance with the will of The Almighty.

Sam faced his own dilemma. Being tricked by the demon Ruby since season three, he became addicted to demon blood under the assumption that it was making him stronger with each hit, strong enough to take out the only demon who could break the final seal of the 66 seals meant to break Lucifer out of hell. Little did he or the fans know that by killing said demon he was breaking that very seal and starting the apocalypse.

Through flash backs we find that this was Sam’s ultimate destiny, and that there was no other path that could’ve been taken for the Winchester Brothers.
Now the show’s die-hard fans must wait four months to see Lucifer in the flesh. We must also anxiously await the return of the brothers to see if they can ever reconcile the rift that was created between them during the fourth season.

“Supernatural’’ can be seen on the CW at 9 p.m. on Thursdays. It is currently on summer hiatus.