haiti_and_cuban_flags.jpgRegarding the editorial Overcoming Obstacles in last week's paper, I  am amazed that when someone is angry they find a way to put the blame on black folks. The writer is talking about what Haitians had to endure in Miami.

The problem is the article seems a bit twisted.  Jimmy Carter allowed Haitian refugees in the ’80s to come here as a humanitarian act but he did not have to do anything. All the other Caribbean countries are doing well and not complaining.  The  Haitian people still in Haiti are the ones that are overcomers because they are the ones that withstood Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier and Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, not the ones in Miami.

The ones in Miami ran over here and did not fight for freedom. Cubans who fled the Fidel Castro regime ran over here and did not fight either. The U.S.A. needs to stop allowing both Haitians and Cubans over here and let them apply like all other aliens for legal status. In both cases both groups have been given a pass, yet neither is satisfied. They do not want to be Americans; they want the U.S.A. to solve their countries’ problems for them. Even the Muslim world is fighting for freedom.

The point is black people do not, and never did try to, hold Haitians down. We have our own issues to solve. Haitians and Cubans come  here,  many illegally, and fly a flag for a country they say they love  but did not fight for. If you love a country so much, go fight for it and stop complaining.

North Miami