valentines_dance.jpgMIAMI — Reliving their glory days dancing to the Hully Gully, Jerk and the Twist, Miami-Dade County senior citizens took the opportunity to strut their stuff during Commissioner Barbara Jordan’s annual Seniors Valentine’s Day Dance at the Landmark auditorium in Northwest Miami-Dade County.

This year, more than 450 seniors dressed from head-to-toe in red and white outfits.

“It seems as though the attendees come earlier and earlier for this event,” said Jordan. “Every chair was taken by 4:35 p.m. That speaks volumes about how popular this event has become and how we are meeting the needs of our senior population.”

Dancing to tunes from George Lane & the Miami House Rockers, seniors filled the floor moving to a party favorite –the Electric Slide.

The Valentine’s Day Dance was sponsored in part by Arlines Seafood Restaurant, AARP, AVE, Calder Race Course and Casino, FPL, Hair Excape, Hebrew Homes Health Network, Okey Dokey Supermarket, Opa-locka/Hialeah Flea Market, The Tax Doctor, and World Waste Recycling.