shawn_marlon_web.jpgThe Wayans family is filled with talented members, so there is no surprise that the two youngest brothers, Shawn and Marlon Wayans, have followed in their family’s footsteps as Hollywood icons.

When not producing and starring in hit movies or on the road performing standup, Shawn and Marlon can be found hard at work in the “lab” where the Wayans siblings are busy concocting their next project.

South Florida Times caught up with comedian Marlon Wayans and wanted to know how the laughs will flow at his Feb. 20-23 shows with his brother Shawn at the Fort Lauderdale Improv, 5700 Seminole Way, Hollywood. Tickets are $35, with a two-drink minimum.

Book tickets at or call the Box Office 954-981-5653.

South Florida Times:  What can audiences expect from your show in Fort Lauderdale?

Marlon Wayans: Expect the unexpected.  Half the time I don’t know what I’m gonna do or say. That’s what makes it fun. It’s a hoot.

South Florida Times: What’s it like being a Wayans?

Marlon Wayans: It’s like being a Jackson but funnier and blacker. A Haunted House was my Off the Wall album. Hopefully A Haunted House 2 (April 18th) is my Thriller. Now where’s my monkey!?

South Florida Times: What’s a LOL moment you saw on Twitter?

Marlon Wayans: Check my twitter @marlonwayans and my Instagram @marlonLwayans and see all the crazy post from the Golden Globes and Grammys.

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