lucius_gantt_1.jpgWhen the devil and his wicked associates want you gone, he and his followers will do everything they can to take you out. This is especially true for community and government leaders. As long as you say what the devil wants you to say and do what the devil wants you to do, you’re all right. But when you step out of line, the devil will put you in check.

History shows that opposing devilish suggestions, disagreeing with devilish ideas and acting independently from devilish plans can get you killed. If not physically murdered, you will be slain economically.

Oftentimes, righteous people can fight off one devil but Satan will form a coalition of devils that will not stop until their evil work is done.

The devil will send enemies to your church, enemies to your school, enemies to your job and the devil will sometimes even put enemies in your own house.

The biblical David is well known for killing the giant Goliath. David was not so very perfect so he had a slew of biblical enemies. David had no problem defeating the armies and soldiers that hated him. He fought his opponents wherever they surfaced. But one enemy was more difficult to fight than the others.

David’s worse enemy was perhaps his son, his own flesh and blood, someone he had taken care of for many years. The devil was in David’s own house.

David’s son Absalom wanted to be in charge. He wanted the power. He wanted the throne. He wanted David dead and gone, so to speak.

Similarly, in 2011, devilish government leaders meet and plot and plan to get rid of any other government leaders that cannot be controlled.

All eyes right now are on attempts to change the regime in Libya but the so-called regime change could very well be called regime assassination. As long as Libya was selling NATO member-nations African commodities like oil and other petroleum products, the leader of Libya was described as an ally, a trade partner and a so-called good Muslim.

But, one day, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi encouraged other African nations to use a different currency when dealing with Western powers. Gaddafi suggested that African nations should begin to sell their diamonds, coffee, rubber, silver, iron ore and other commodity-type resources for gold instead of trading via dollars and Euros.

You can talk about Israel and you can talk about disagreements between Libyan citizens and factions but the NATO and United States bombs didn’t strike continuously until Gaddafi began to tell the truth that paper money is like a bee without honey and no stinger to back it up.

Recently the U.S. and NATO declared so-called Libyan rebels the legitimate rulers of Libya. Negro (for lack of a better word) please! Can you imagine NATO saying that “rebels” are the legitimate government leaders of the United States, of England, of France or Germany?

I can answer that. No!   

The people here in the United States can vote to keep or get rid of devilish American politicians and citizens decide the fate of their governmental leaders in nearly every other country. But the devil has always said Africans and people of African descent are not the same as whites from Europe. At one time, we were considered to be one-fifth of a white person. So it is no surprise that U.S. and NATO forces would bomb Libya and terrorize black Libyans and black Libyan communities.

If you only read Rupert Murdoch-owned newspapers and watch FOX and other news outlets he owns, you don’t know what is going on in the world.

The devil will make you think that the devil is someone else. The true devil doesn’t want justice or peace. He only wants to maintain world control. And any government or community leader the devil can’t control he will try to kill or destroy.

However, if God is your battle axe, no weapon formed against you will prosper even if you’re the leader of a disagreeing Muslin nation.

Lucius Gantt is a consultant based in Tallahassee and author of the book  Beast Too: Dead Man Writing. He may be reached at

Photo: Lucius Gantt