joseph_gallegos_web_fc.jpgThe Wilton Manors city manager, Mr. Joseph Gallegos, has announced that, with the help of the city attorney, he is conducting an investigation into reports that “inappropriate” e-mails were circulated by members of the city’s police department.

There is something else Mr. Gallegos should investigate and that is the city’s sewer department. That investigation should focus on why the sewer workers did not do their job properly at the police department or whether they did their job there at all. There could be no other explanation for the filth that has been oozing out of the police department and polluting the city.

The filth has taken the form of e-mails circulated from the e-mail accounts of some command staff, including Police Chief Richard E. Perez. The e-mails are not only vile and a direct attack on President Barack Obama.

They are also filled with a level of hatred towards African Americans that is usually the preserve of the Ku Klux Klan and other racists who continue to infect the American nation.

One e-mail talked about the first black president, whose mother was a white woman, being lucky he does not “bark.” Another talked about disappointment that Mr. Obama was not shot by a member of the United States Marine Corps Honor Guard during the 21-gun salute as part of his inauguration. Other e-mails have mocked First Lady Michele Obama, as well.

Whatever the source, those who circulated the e-mails or allowed their e-mail accounts to be used as a conduit for their circulation are just as guilty of this vile affront to the President and, by extension, all African Americans and all Americans.

Indeed, one e-mail titled “Math class” insults black children: “Dwayne pimps 3 ho’s.  If the price is $85 per trick, how many tricks per day must each ho turn to support Dwayne’s $800 per day Crack habit?”

Well, here is a math question for Mr. Gallegos and the city council: How many days is it from April to Sept. 10? The answer is important because that is how many days these e-mails have been circulating – without anyone bothering to report them, until South Florida Times broke the story.

City Manager Gallegos can spout all the high-sounding phrases he wants about the city not tolerating the actions of employees who “do not uphold the highest levels of respect and professionalism within our organization.” The fact is that these e-mails have been circulating at least 150 days with none of the recipients bothering to do anything about it.

Now that it has been exposed, it is time for a thorough clean up – promptly. Clean it all up.  Those involved have lost the right to be anywhere near a police department and they must be fired, along with any officials who are found to have moved too slowly to take action against them.

Pictured Above:  Wilton Manors city manager Joseph Gallegos