black_man_mask_web.jpgCINCINNATI (AP) _ Prosecutors say a white man who pleaded guilty to six southwest Ohio robberies used a black mask so lifelike that police initially arrested a black man for one of the crimes.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that prosecutors say the black man's mother even thought a photo of the suspect she saw on television was her son.

Court officials say 30-year-old Conrad Zdzierak of the Cincinnati area pleaded guilty Monday to one count of aggravated robbery and five counts of robbery.

The prosecutor in a plea deal dismissed 12 other charges and declined to seek indictments in other crimes where Zdzierak was suspected.

Authorities say Zdzierak stole about $15,000 in the robberies this year of four banks, a credit union and a pharmacy. Witnesses reported the robber was black.