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The Liberty City Trust wants to make buying homes easier for Liberty City residents and will sponsor a workshop Saturday, April 24, to help make that happen.

The first-time home buyer workshop teaches aspiring homeowners how to apply for grants, budgeting, improve their credit scores and secure bank loans. Participants who complete the eight-hour course receive a certificate of completion from the Department of Housing and Urban Development,  a requirement for many grant assistance programs.

Elaine Black, president and CEO of the Liberty City Trust, hopes the workshop lets more people buy homes in Liberty City.

“We like to think that Liberty City is the best place to live, work, and do business,” she said.  “Our goal is to sell houses in Liberty City.”

Rachel Walker, the Trust’s housing specialist,  said hasty home purchases can be dangerous, noting the number of recent homebuyers now facing foreclosure.

“Not everyone is ready to be a home owner,” she said.

The enormous recent decline in home values has created a buyer’s market, but despite a buyer’s market, the market fluctuation presents its share of obstacles.

In fact, last year these monthly workshops netted only two buyers.

That’s why Black wants people to know that a lot of information they receive may not be in their best interests.

“Buying a house is a very complicated process and a lot of people try to make it simple,” she said.



The April 24 workshop will be held at Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, 698 NW 47th Terrace.
Pre-registration is recommended. For information, call Rachel Walker at (305) 635-2301 ext. 374.