rose-tydus_web_copy.jpgOPA-LOCKA – While most people look forward to spending time with their family, former Opa-locka Commissioner Rose Tydus will spend her Christmas morning with inmates at the Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation Department Boot Camp.

No, she is not starting to serve a sentence. She is going in to share some Christmas cheer.

 “I go where the need is greater,” said Tydus.

Her plan is to go on a “gift-giving” mission of spreading good will to young men and women, primarily between the ages of 14 and 24, who have been sentenced to this program and adjudicated as adults. 

Tydus, a noted vocalist and former chorus line dancer, will present an original production entitled Happy Birthday Jesus, a mock birthday party for Christ, which she wrote, produced and will perform (singing and dancing) in a living room set to give the illusion that the inmates have been invited to Tydus’ home for the birthday celebration.

The production will also feature Don Parker, a local businessman who will offer a motivational presentation, using martial arts skills.  To wrap-up the production, Aaron Williams, Joel Davis and Sylvester Wilson, members of a local Christian rap group, will perform for the inmates. The inmates will participate by competing in Christmas themed games.  

According to Miami-Dade Boot Camp Official Shelnita Jackson, this is the first time in the 18-years history of the program that anyone has requested to give a presentation to the inmates on Christmas Day. 

“I just wanted to go where there was a calling for service and where I could perhaps be a blessing during the most needed time of the season,” Tydus said. “With the holidays being one of the happiest memories that most families share, I wanted those incarcerated, who are without their families, to be able to reflect on Christmas as a positive experience.”

Tydus served on the Opa-locka commission for 12 years and has a lifetime of public service. She serves on various boards and through a variety of community outreaches.  

“Regardless of our circumstances, no matter where we are we must remember to look towards the light, because there is always a greater need for our service and someone who cares, not only on Christmas Day, but through the end of time,” Tydus said.