West Palm Beach, Fla. – How would you like to cruise around West Palm Beach by night on a three-wheel bicycle cruiser? Well, thanks to entrepreneur Ashley Walker, owner of Smoothie Me Please sandwich and smoothie shop, you can now experience cruising pleasure. Gather your girlfriends, the fellas or celebrate a family gathering by renting a two or three- wheel cruiser and enjoy the West Palm Beach nightlife on a two and a half -hour fun-filled tour and excursion! The enterprising 34-year old Riviera Beach native launches her latest business venture, Palm Beach Bike Tours, Friday, April 1.

Walker is excited about this endeavor and says she knows no one, black or white, doing it. But always with an eye for business and creativity, Walker says it’s about time minorities get some of the $2.2 billion from the tourism industry in South Florida. “There’s too much money in the tourism industry for minorities not to get some of it,” she pointed out during a telephone interview Monday.

So, she took bicycling, something she does regularly with her eight-year-old son, and turned it into a business opportunity. The soft opening is April 1, but an official hard launching will come soon.

But for now, she is ecstatic to bring a beloved past time, cycling, to residents and tourists in such a unique and enjoyable way. She’s encouraging groups or families to take advantage of the bicycle tours, which she says are more tailored for cruising and leisure, rather than exercise. She’s inviting sororities, fraternities, family reunion groups, tourists, church groups and more to experience a fun night of celebration and fanfare throughout the city of West Palm Beach. Individuals may take advantage too, but they will be paired with groups of seven to ten. Each group has a tour guide. Walker says it couldn’t be a more funloving way to spend an evening.

“I have all these ideas. My place In life is not just as a restaurateur, but the tourism and hospitality industry as a whole. I’m trying to do more creative things and offer the people more exciting things to do when they visit the area,” she indicated, stating her desire to expand her brand, but with the general public’s interests at heart.

Walker is known for adding a personal touch to her business ventures.

Her initial undertaking, Smoothie Me Please, which opened early last year, is filled with smoothies and other delectable menu items named after well-known places and schools in her native Riviera Beach. It puts a fun twist on a great food item. It’s her way of paying homage to her hometown and its popular landmarks. Smoothie Me Please made news headlines when it opened for many reasons, but also because she took over the iconic Dairy Belle building on Broadway Avenue, a main business thoroughfare in Riviera Beach. The location is superb. But the smoothie shop also recently made national headlines as well. National television network, CNBC, broadcast a news feature on Walker and her restaurant because of her launching of a femaleowned business during the COVID pandemic. The broadcast on Smoothie Me Please brought untold exposure to Walker and her business.

Now, she’s believing Bike Tours Palm Beach will also make waves. “We’re going out April 1 and we’re excited to launch!” she said.

Those interested in booking a bike tour for individuals or groups may visit: biketourspalmbeach.com. The cost to book is $39.00 per person or $350 for a group of ten, which is a discounted rate. The bicycles are of all variations of men and women bikes and tailored for short or tall individuals. They even glow and light up the night for cosmetic and safety appeal.

Walker says it’s pleasing yet challenging to venture into the West Palm Beach nightlife and tourism industry. She’s more familiar with Riviera Beach, her hometown. But the business executive says going out on the first bike tour on April 1 is as thrilling as it gets.