(Black PR Wire) – January is associated with new beginnings. During this time of the year, people set their New Year’s resolutions: eat healthier, go to the gym, eliminate bad habits, learn a new skill… and the list goes on.

January also happens to be National Financial Wellness Month, making this a good time to include a few financial-related goals among those resolutions.

Financial wellness has to do with your relationship with money and how secure it is, regardless of the variables that could affect your future. While the resolutions you make ultimately depend on your specific life circumstances and goals, here are a few you may wish to consider.

1. Improve your financial literacy. One way is to read blogs or books on financial matters. 

2. Create a financial plan. This is a comprehensive picture of your current finances, your financial goals and any strategies you’ve set to achieve those goals.

3. Create a budget. Create a budget and stick to it. Living within your means helps to reduce debt and save better.

4. Review your credit reports. Reviewing your credit report helps you know where you’re at and how you can get a handle on bill payments and limit your expenses.

Improving your financial wellness won’t happen overnight; however, good financial habits can boost your financial wellness, and make you move closer to your financial goals.