Petite Perfect Fit, LLC is an internet based retailer focused on meeting the unmet need for clothing, shoes, handbags, and jewelry designed specifically for petite women. Although many retail chains offer S and XS sizes, they often have very limited selections and limited availability of small sizes in stock. At Petite Perfect Fit, our mission is to source, design, produce, and market clothing, shoes and accessories specifically for petite women via a high quality website with outstanding customer service. Our exclusive focus on product availability and selection for small sizes makes us unique in the fashion industry.

Lara Gonzalez: is the founder and President of Petite Perfect Fit, LLC. Having come from a family of entrepreneurs, Lara’s dream has always been to create and manage her own business. “Although I love Colombia and I am proud of my Hispanic heritage, from an early age I have always wanted to live and work in the U.S.,” she noted. Lara moved from Colombia to the U.S. at the age of 16 in pursuit of the American dream. She became an American citizen that same year, and received a college degree in 2012. In spite of being a young Hispanic woman with limited resources in a new country, Lara was inspired by the possibility of starting her own fashion business in the US. “My heart was always focused on fashion, and one of my biggest dreams was to start and run a business where I could help millions of people. I am now living the American Dream!”

At 5’3” and 95 pounds, Lara always had a hard time finding fashionable clothing that fit her. Like many petite women, in addition to having the frustration of struggling to find clothes and accessories that fit and were fashionable, Lara has also had to suffer the occasional embarrassment of having to shop in the children’s section. She shares this burden with an estimated 43 percent of American women who are also petite and who represent more than $10 billion of buying power in the fashion industry. In spite of this large market, in recent years many retailers have turned their attention to “plus” sizes. As a result, the selection of clothing and accessories for women who wear XS and S sizes is shrinking. Lara realized that this was a major market opportunity.

Company Mission: In 2013, Lara decided that petite women had been underserved in the fashion industry for far too long. She wanted to help petite women feel more confident by offering quality clothing that fits perfectly. Lara strongly believes that, “The key to looking fabulous is fit!” She formed Petite Perfect Fit, LLC with a mission to offer the latest trends in chic, sexy, yet classy and sophisticated styles that evoke an attitude of confidence for petite women. Her hope is that through fashion she can spread her “Proud to be Petite” message to women around the world. Lara exclaims, “I am continually trying to select garments with the best quality and outstanding value for the modern petite woman who is not afraid of showing the world her potential despite her size!”

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