Margate, Fla. – Cobeth Online Bookstore was founded by three women authors, Rosemarie Cole, Arnetha Thomas, and Carla Bennett. They became business partners with the common goal of sharing their creativity, passion, persistence, and faith.

Their vision is to provide a platform for all authors to reach the community with relevance through their demonstrated talent as writers. They seek to inspire all people to read and lead with knowledge to achieve.

The bookstore was birthed as result of a vision Dr. Ralph Hogges – one of the founders of the South Florida Writer’s group who challenged his fellow members to take on an entrepreneur stance to empower each other and showcase their variety of talent to reach the world and leave a great legacy. The team of authors readily accepted the challenge and an online bookstore was born.

Contact Information: 305 – 502 – 9641, Launch Date: Saturday, July 23rd, 2022

Location: Bible Connection Center-1127 Banks Road-Margate, FL 33063-Contact Rose @ 305-502-9641-FREE EVENT