Staff Report ORLANDO, Fla – Florida A&M University (FAMU) student Bria Calvin has been accepted into the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Enforcement Training Institute (NETI)’s 2019 Summer Law Clerk Honors Program.

The Summer Law Clerk Honors Program is a full-time, unpaid assignment for a minimum of 11 weeks. Students undergo a background check and are provided agency credentials. Students participate in a comprehensive orientation that includes an overview on confidentiality, ethics, and other tips for a successful clerkship.

“Bria’s Environmental Protection Agency Honors Program clerkship is just one example of the wonderful experiential opportunities available to our students through our Field Placement Program,”

said FAMU Law Director of Legal Clinics and field Placement, Darryl Jones.

“Students can gain invaluable experience in very prestigious legal venues in Orlando, throughout the state and even throughout the country.”

The Law Clerk Honors Program also includes a series of unique, specialized training sessions on environmental laws and how they are enforced. Offered once or twice a week during the summer, these 30to 90-minute seminars are taught by top EPA staff and provide first-hand knowledge from the agency’s leading enforcement experts.

“This is an exciting opportunity and I look forward to learning from top environmental protection experts during this summer clerkship in Washington, DC,” said Calvin, who is a first-year law student from New Orleans, LA.

EPA is a federal government agency. NETI is responsible for training lawyers, inspectors, investigators and technical experts in the enforcement of the nation’ s environmental laws. As part of the Law Clerk Honors Program, law students are placed in various offices within EPA’ s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance and the Office of Suspension and Debarment.

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