Want to get kids excited about learning? While teachers have the classroom covered, parents and caregivers can encourage kids to learn at home by stocking up on great books covering a wide variety of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

Consider some new titles to inspire young scholars based on their interests:

Hands-on Makers

Empower kids to build, create, and discover through 28 safety-tested experiments, crafts and activities in the new book, “Maker Lab.” Created in association with the Smithsonian Institution and supporting STEM education initiatives, these projects will get young minds’ wheels turning.

Requiring only household materials, young makers can build an exploding volcano, make bath fizzies, construct a solar system, build an eggshell geode and more. Photographs and facts carefully detail the “why” and “how” of each experiment, and each project comes with a ranking of easy, medium or hard.

Filled with winning projects for school, science fairs, and beyond, “Maker Lab” helps kids find their inner inventor.

Creative Coders

For students with an interest in computer coding and programming, consider a highly visual, family-friendly guide that covers all the essentials. “Coding Projects in Scratch,” uses graphics and easy-to-follow instructions to teach readers to animate silly characters, build games to play with friends, create cool sound effects and more. Projects include a personalized birthday card; a “tunnel of doom” multiplayer game; and dinosaur dance party animation with flashing lights, music and dance moves.

The simple, logical steps are fully illustrated with pixel art and build on the basics of coding, so readers gain the skills to make their own projects.

Curious Scientists

From the creators of “DK findout!,” a free online resource for kids, comes a new book series full of images, quizzes, and cutting-edge information. The new “DK findout! Series” helps kids become experts on their favorite subjects — from dinosaurs to space.

Readers can learn the differences between atoms, molecules, mixtures and compounds; find out how plants work; and see the water cycle in action. Sure to inspire the next amazing science fair project, the series is filled with bright photography and quirky trivia. Readers can pull out special cover flaps for extra information, and follow up with their own experiments.

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Engaged Explorers

Delve into the lives of children around the world with the updated 20th anniversary edition of “Children Just Like Me.” New photography, maps and facts give insight into the homes, food, clothing, schools, family life and hobbies of over 40 children worldwide.

This comprehensive view of international cultures highlights over 30 countries including Argentina, New Zealand, China and Israel. From rural farms to busy cities to riverboats, see how children are different and the same, no matter where they live.

Stimulate learning and creative thinking with these hands-on STEM titles.