Fort Lauderdale, Fla. – Broward College is creating a pathway to higher-paying employment for students with their fasttrack career skills training in South Florida’s top earning in-demand industries, also known as “Hot Jobs.”

The programs allow students to begin life-changing careers and meet their financial needs in as little as one term for an industry certification to two-years for an associate degree program.

The COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted today’s workforce and the financial stability of many Broward College residents. The current job market has more highearning employment opportunities than ever. Many of these industries only require a two-year degree or industry certification.

In addition, Broward College is offering flexible learning schedules for students with various circumstances and lifestyles, giving students the ability to learn at their own pace and in their preferred method, allowing them to work full-time or part-time, while obtaining a certification or degree that leads to higher earnings.

The college is preparing students for high earning, in-demand jobs in the areas of Health Sciences, Business, Information Technology/STEM, and Supply Chain.

The programs provide clear earnings data and demand in the South Florida market, and are paired with the programs to help students prepare quickly for those opportunities.

The fast-track programs’ benefits include:

•Job Growth – these career paths start with high wages and are projected to grow faster than average and provide growth opportunities

•Advanced Skills Training – industry certifications are built into degree programs allowing students to stand out in the workforce with unique skill sets

• Savings – students can save thousands of dollars in tuition thanks to shorter programs, grant funding and scholarship opportunities •Career Ladder – Certifications and work experience can be applied towards credit in a future degree program. Students can advance their learning and continue growing in their career path achieving their degree in less time The college also offers career coaches that meet with students one-on-one to assist them with finding the best program based on their lifestyle, personality, and goals.

Broward College is currently ranked as one of the top colleges in the number of certification program graduates.

“Our team provides resume and interviewing services to assist students in their career pursuit and keeps them abreast of current labor market information, including job boards that feature available internships and appenticeships,” said Broward College District Director Fortin Jean-Pierre.

“Sometimes the solution aligns with the career they have wanted, and other times they are surprised at some of the options.”

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