charles_m._taylor.jpgMIAMI GARDENS — The Creative Expressions Ministry and youth department at Universal Truth Center for Better Living staged an “Evening of Dance” fundraiser.

Children from elementary, middle and high schools in several genres, including ballet, modern, hip-hop, jazz, African and ballroom showcased their talent to benefit the church ministries

The students were excited about the recital, the first large-scale performance for many of them. The show was produced by Christopher McKinnon, choreographer, and Charlette Seward, director of performing arts at UTC.

Johnathan Moreland, a junior at Michael Krop High School, said he and other students will share their gifts with the community. “Talent is what comes effortless to the soul,” said Johnathan, 17.

The “Evening of Dance” at the church, located at 21310 NW 37th Ave., Miami Gardens which is pastored by Rev. Charles M. Taylor is the interim senior minister. Tickets are $12 for adults, and $6 for children under age 12, and can be purchased at the Illuminations Bookstore.

The concert is under the direction of Christine Everett Ellis, director of the UTC Creative Expressions Ministry.

Information: call 305-624-4991 or visit