The holiday season is a great time to indulge loved ones or yourself with a mobile device upgrade. However, keep in mind that a high-quality device doesn’t necessarily need to be brand new, particularly if you are on a budget.

These days, refurbished devices can provide an affordable, high-quality alternative to a new device that sells at a premium. While there is a myth that most refurbished devices were broken or had problems, this is a misconception. Many such mobile phones, tablets and accessories come from trade-in and upgrade programs, where owners sent in perfectly good devices so they can get newer models.

Indeed, such trade-ins and sales are on the rise and the market for acquiring a previously owned device is getting easier to navigate.

Whether traded-in or repaired, refurbished phones and devices from reputable sources can be trusted to be in full functional condition. For example, those from MyWit on eBay undergo an extensive 65-point inspection of cosmetic, functional and radio frequency (RF) performance to ensure 100 percent functionality. Tests verify that every possible function that a customer can use (camera, audio, SIM, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.) is in excellent working order and RF tests ensure wireless devices deliver a consistent quality of connection and do not drop available signals.

A previously owned device is also a smart option for the eco-conscious, extending the life of devices and reducing electronic waste — which can be particularly damaging.

This holiday season, consider a great cost-saving secret on mobile upgrades, replacements, and tech gifts. Being willing to forgo the newest models can stretch your holiday budget further without sacrificing on quality.