WASHINGTON – This week Howard Stirk Holdings (HSH) debuted on the Black Enterprise 100 list. HSH wholly owned and operated by media mogul Armstrong Williams, occupies a unique niche in the television broadcasting industry – an industry where fewer than 2% of owners are minorities. HSH dominates its sector under Williams’ leadership by featuring indepth discussions with national and global power brokers, celebrating the stories of everyday Americans, and cutting through partisan noise to expose unvarnished truths about American politics.

With annual revenues of over $35 million and rising, Howard Stirk Holdings joins the prestigious list of national business success stories including World Wide Technology Inc., ActOne Group and Bridgewater Interiors, llc.

HSH’s appearance among the BE 100s represents the culmination of consistent, robust growth of a business strategy employed by Williams since 2013. In 2015, with the acquisition of two additional television stations, Williams became the largest black owner of TV stations in America, with a total of eight stations under current ownership. Williams honed his entrepreneurial acumen while working on his family-run farm in rural South Carolina.

“As an employer and business owner, Armstrong is a triple threat,” said Shirley Dave Executive Vice President of HSH. “His wild success in the business is a direct product of the vast industry knowledge, incredible work ethic and unending passion for the truth he has garnered over several decades in the media business. As a veteran journalist, he knows all aspects of the industry. No one can outwork him. He’s a true journalist whose only end game is to make sure his audience is well-informed.”

In addition to serving as vital infrastructure to the American economy, companies like HSH represented on the BE 100 place a high value on offering apprenticeships, mentoring and growth opportunities to small businesses and minority entrepreneurs.

The rankings for the BE 100s have served as the most reliable and publicly available measures of success for black-owned businesses for over four decades.