IMG_6038Please indulge me as I share the tale of my Christmas Eve in Ft. Lauderdale. As with most instances I tend to share. A great realization is to be found there.

Into my preparation much planning was built. Because my evening attire was to include a kilt. Black shirt, knee high hose, shoes and a red vest, completed my ensemble so I looked my best.  My gold pocket watch and chain complimented my look like no other. But then what else would you expect from my caliber of brother?

Into my Jeep I climbed and set the GPS for the South Florida Times Holiday Party’s address.

I arrived at the swank location at 6:30 my watch began to chime. Apparently the invitation was issued in CP time. After all, what great party actually starts at its appointed official moment? There was food, wine, and music at the spot, so guests were the missing component. But in a flash the people began to appear. As the room instantly filled with holiday cheer. New friends and old sharing stories, food, and libations. Most definitely contributed to elevating the conversation

As our editor and host, Robert Beatty, made his grand entrance. The room took on a new life and the party was destined to go the distance. In hindsight this was much more than just a holiday celebration

It was a gathering of exceptional people who all shared heart, grit, and determination.

A room full of black folk who have something to say. About our place in the world, politics, the environment, and living day to day. Who dare to live the dream and continue to lead the fight. Through examples of integrity, intelligence, and doing not what is convenient but what is right

I am proud and humbled to be included among this number. Whose mission it is to make the powerful pause to think and awake the masses from slumber. Remember, be thankful for this remarkable gift not only at times of celebration and good cheer. But at every moment, every day, every month, every year.

Dr. Pierre Bland is the owner of Dr. Bland’s Vet House Calls.  He can be reached at 954-673-8579 or at