BELLINGHAM, Wash. (AP) _ State health officials say biotoxin levels in southern Whatcom County have been decreasing and it’s now OK to harvest molluscan shellfish.

The drop in Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning, or PSP, biotoxin levels allowed health officials to reopen recreational shellfish harvests from Sandy Point south to Skagit County line, including Portage Bay.

Molluscan shellfish include clams, mussels, oysters, and scallops.

Officials warn that biotoxin levels can change rapidly. They’ve been rising and falling since April. Shellfish harvesters are advised to Know Before You Dig. Always check for current biotoxin closures at the Washington Department of Health website.

Before harvesting, also remember to check harvest seasons and licensing requirements.

Shellfish sold in restaurants and retail markets have been tested before distribution and are safe to eat.