(StatePoint) – Whether you simply prefer doing things solo or you have a tight schedule that makes it difficult to commit to classes at set times of the week, you don’t need to forgo the pursuit of new hobbies. Here are five activities that you can take on completely on your own:

1. Running: Running is great for cardiovascular health, a proven stress reliever and a fun way to explore your local area. The good news? All you need is a pair of sneakers to get started. While many people prefer to join a running group or pair up with a buddy, this is one sport that’s ideal for individualists.

2. Music: Teach yourself to play piano

at your own pace using a keyboard that features built-in learning tools. The Casiotone LK-S450 is not only an affordable model, it has lighted keys to help guide you through its built-in songs, along with intuitive Step-Up Lessons providing finger placement guidance to help you along your musical journey. The keyboard is also compatible with Chordana, a free learning app available for iOS and Android that teaches you to play any MIDI file using standard notation.

3. Arts and crafts: From cake decorating and sewing to drawing and painting, you can learn more than 20 hobbies with a Craftsy membership. The site hosts over 1,500 classes and members get access to live events, a newsletter and additional resources designed to educate and inspire DIY-ers.

4. Coding: If you are looking to pick up a new job skill or you simply want to exercise your mind, you can learn the fundamentals of coding by programming a graphing calculator. Some of the models available from Casio, which have a natural textbook display for ultimate readability and user-friendliness, feature built-in Python programming functionality. Get started by visiting casioeducation.com where you can find free resources and tutorials.

5. Indoor gardening: Indoor gardening is a satisfying and calming hobby that you can take on in order to beautify your space and grow your own herbs and vegetables. What’s more, you can get started any time of year, making it a great activity for those who march to the beat of their own drum.

Using new tools and resources, you can make your hobbies completely your own, fitting them into your schedule when, where and how you see fit.