In this COVID-19, coronavirus pandemic, in 2020, black Americans have the highest morality rates and worse health outcomes of any racial group in the country. There is a major gap in healthcare, education and economics across the country and it becomes imperative for black Americans – “To Put the Black Community First.”

There is spotty scientific and educational research and statistics concerning racial demographics across the country and limited conversations with discussions about the state of black America during this age of the coronavirus pandemic. With no transformative studies coming from HBCUs about this condition of black Americans in the age of coronavirus, there is a critical need for a “National Black Coronavirus Task Force,” that puts blacks first.

This National Black Coronavirus Task Force should focus on Health, Education, and Economics, through a national steering committee, which breaks the task force into committees, regionally, statewide, and locally. The task force would coordinate, oversee, and monitor specific information on black communities and the response from the government nationally, statewide, and locally.

At this point with the coronavirus pandemic in America, there has been a spotty lackluster program, where black American lives are disposable, and no accurate and up-to-date information that is goal-focused where black Americans are put first. With very few plans and objectives, blacks will continue to die disproportionately.

The last few months have confirmed for many blacks (African Americans) that the crisis has exposed the inequities embedded into the underlying fabric of our nation. A large portion of the essential workers in the country are black and brown people and the mortality rate will continue to rise. President Trump’s national plan has been a “chaotic disaster,” and the coronavirus continues to spread. The president continues to pass the blame, and he says nothing is his fault.

Each week the numbers continue to increase, and more than 1.3 million are now infected with the virus, and over 80,000 have died. With no united or coordinated federal approach or plan, it is expected to increase mobility, and there will now be 3,000 daily infections, and more deaths.

As the black community in America is facing the coronavirus – COVID-19, there is no time for apathy and complacency. Blacks are dying in this age of the coronavirus, and our very survival will be based on our fierce urgency of now. It is black America’s duty, and our right to protect our communities more fiercely than ever before.

Only a National Black Coronavirus Task Force will give an accurate depiction and the truth about the condition of our community, and work to monitor and contain the virus. As the task force makes black Americans its number one priority, daily and weekly press briefing will tell our story. The National Black Coronavirus Task Force would have the most accurate and up-to-date information on health, education, and economics.

There are very few organizations in America, whose only focus is black America, and oversees the administration of improving black outcomes during the pandemic. This task force would provide thoughtfulness and seriousness of purpose for black people in America, with a collective collaborative effort of black organizations, black politicians, the black media, black educational institutions, and black businesses speaking with one voice.

At this point in black America, there are too many splinter organizations and groups with no coordinated national plan to address black demands and we are not organized. The National Black Coronavirus Task Force would operate as a clearing house and utilize knowledge as a starting point to move forward with vigorous action.

Without a specific black task force to study the racial disparities in the black community, our health outcome will continue to be deplorable. The task force would have the ability to collect racial data, and determine why a disproportionate number of blacks across the country are infected and dying of the coronavirus.

Blacks cannot wait on the government, major corporations, nor the Democratic Party. Blacks must save blacks.