Broward Property Appraiser

Many property owners receive mailings each year designed to trick them into paying for a “certified deed” to their property. These companies offer to provide you with your deed for a substantial fee. Deeds and many other important documents are available for free online at the Broward County Records Division website.

Reviewing and obtaining a copy of your deed is simple. Simply go to and click on “Official Records & Certificates of Title Search” (located on the left side of the page in blue). Then select “Search Records” which will take you to the search page. You can search for documents by the name of the homeowner. You can also link to this information through our website at by clicking on “Property Search” (top left corner in yellow).

This will allow you to search by owner name or address.

Once the property record page is showing, simply click on “Book/Page” number in blue located under the Sales History chart. This will take you to the actual deed.

Older deeds prior to 1977 and recorded property deeds using social security numbers need to be ordered through the Broward County Records Division either in person, by mail or e-mail. Broward County charges a nominal fee for these records ($1.00 a page/$1.50 for certified copies).

I hope this information helps you avoid paying for something easily available to you for free. If my office can ever be of assistance to you with exemption or property assessment questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 954-357-6904 or by email at