Master Norteño accordionist Tomas Granado (right) with apprentice Javier Jimenez.


TALLAHASSEE— The Florida Department of State is seeking applications for the 2018-2019 Florida Folklife Apprenticeship Program, said Secretary of State Ken Detzner.

Expert practitioners of traditional art forms and persons with a strong commitment to learning and preserving folk and traditional arts are encouraged to apply.

“For generations, traditional arts have been shared through one-on-one apprenticeship,” said Detzner. “The Florida Folklife Apprenticeship Program fosters that traditional process of learning that is vital to ensuring the preservation of Florida’s dynamic cultural heritage.”

The program creates opportunities for qualified apprentices to study traditional arts with recognized master artists. Traditional arts are expressions of shared community identity that reflect the values and aesthetics of the groups that practice them. Since 1984, the program has supported over 185 apprenticeships in a variety of Florida living traditions including performing arts like Irish fiddling and Spanish flamenco, crafts such as Seminole patchwork and Hungarian embroidery, occupational arts such as surfboard making and cow-whip making, and ceremonial arts such as hymn lining and Afro-Cuban batá drumming.

The application deadline is May 15. Interested masters and apprentices must apply as a team by submitting the joint application to the Florida Folklife Program. The Florida Folklife Council will review applications and recommend apprenticeship teams to the Secretary of State for approval. Final decisions will be announced by August. The program provides a stipend and funds for supplies.

Interested applicants should contact State Folklorist Amanda Hardeman by calling 850.245.6427 or 800.847.PAST. Program guidelines and applications can be found at The Florida Folklife Apprenticeship Program is funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts’ Folk and Traditional Arts Program.