MY SISTERS’ KEEPER: Celebrating 20 years in business, Natural Trendsetters is hosting its 15th annual Royal Coils Natural Hair and Beauty Expo on June 10.



South Florida Times

TAMARAC, Fla. – Celebrating 20 years in any business is a significant milestone. When the business is something you sensed would succeed and it involves your purpose and passion, the celebration takes on even greater meaning.

Simone Hylton and her sister, Yanique, are business partners in one of the most popular natural hair salons in South Florida – Natural Trendsetters. Although the national hair care industry is roughly 40 years old, the Tamarac shop was the first of its kind to open in South Florida – ushering in a natural hair renaissance that has grown by leaps and bounds over the years and is showing no signs of letting up.

Hylton said one reason the salon does so well is because she envisioned its success prior to its launch.

“I felt like this was so needed and people needed it so much, I actually visualized us being further than we are. I must say that I’ve always seen it much bigger than it is, and I see it growing further than it is now,” Hylton said in a telephone interview as she prepared for the salon’s 15th annual Royal Coils Natural Hair and Beauty Expo happening on Sunday, June 10.

Referring to the expo as a “family affair,” Simone said guests can expect, “amazing swag bags. Really good time of vibing and sharing energy and culture. We have great shows, speakers, panelists. They will be entertained and educated at the same time. And pampered a little bit,” Simone explained. “People don’t really understand what a hair show is, so I feel they should come and expose themselves to it and they’ll never want to miss one again.”

As the creative one, Hylton styles hair and helps steer the marketing strategy for the salon. Yanique, also a hair stylist, is the salon’s businesswoman who handles payroll, vendor operations, as well as all the other aspects of keeping Natural Trendsetters thriving.

Both women navigated single motherhood as they grew the business. Simone has three adult children and a 17-year old daughter. Yanique has one child.

“We helped each other raise our children,” Simone shared. As it relates to its place in the community, Simone sees it as more than a hair salon. “It’s a space where customers can come share energy. Just the experience of coming here is a bonding of sisters and brothers. We greet all our customers as “King” and “Queen,” she explained. Customers agree.

“Love the vibe, love the people, treated me like a queen. I’ll be back for sure,” Desma Clarke posted on the salon’s Facebook page, which has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

“I’ve been in Florida for about a year and the first eight months has been hell finding a natural hair salon that actually cares and specialized in natural hair care. Until, I found Natural Trend Setters. I have not been to another salon. The stylists there are all great,” Amoy Annette Beckett said in her review.

“The vibe in the salon is positive and embracing and I always walk out the door just that much more in love with my natural hair! Queens adorning queens, love me some Natural Trendsetters,” posted Daphnee StVal.

Simone said the goal for the business is to create a franchise. “We want to have a natural hair salon in every black city in the country,” she said. “I want sisters to love themselves and love to look like they do in their natural state. Our hair is our crown. Angels have halos, our afros are our halos.”

Natural Trendsetters is located at 7247 NW 88th Ave., Tamarac, Florida 33321. 954-4861414;


WHAT: Royal Coils Natural Hair and Expo

WHERE: The Westin Fort Lauderdale, 400 Corporate Drive, Fort Lauderdale, 33334

WHEN: Sunday, June 10, 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. COST: Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at

CONTACT: For more information, email or