By Calibe Thompson

“Times gone by” is the English translation for that Scottish phrase we sing to close out each year. Looking back at the year gone by I’m sure there’s a lot we all would have done differently. Now after spending the last few days of 2015 in decadence and debauchery, we’ll make New Year commitments to diets and discipline, knowing full well we might not even last a week.

Toward self-improvement, our biggest challenge is not recognizing that we should do the right things for our physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing. It is deciding that we are important enough to not see those things as optional. Every moment begins the rest of our lives, and the things we do today should all be setting us up for the tomorrow we want to have.

Whichever day you choose to begin, here are a few ideas for your list of resolutions in 2016:

Write down the goals you’d like to attain this year. Set some that may take you the year to realize, and check on your progress quarterly so you don’t fall too far behind.

Stop putting things off until later. Opportunity smiles on the people who go for it, and procrastination is a habit we can all benefit from breaking.

Take note of what comes out of your mouth. Don’t think only about your intention, think also about your words. If you wouldn’t want to hear it, don’t say it either.

Start being truly grateful for your life and where you are right now. You may not have the car, home, or job you want. But bear in mind that at least you aren’t taking the bus, you’re not sleeping in that car, and you can afford enough of life’s basics to allow you to read this publication.

Most importantly, choose to be happy. The only thing we have complete power over is our own thoughts and reactions. Choose to do right by yourself by choosing happiness.

Just these few changes will make all the difference in your life. Forget the times gone by and enjoy a wholesome, happy and healthy 2016!

Calibe Thompson is the host and producer of Island Origins,  airing Mondays at 10:00PM and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9:00PM on BECON-TV (Ch 63 / Comcast 19). Visit