A woman in the Chinese city of Baise got her head stuck between the slats in a fence after she fell sideways off her scooter on July 15. She was attempting to take a shortcut on a side street and found herself on an unfamiliar road. The woman accidentally fell sideways off her scooter while driving down a slope, police said.

She was only identified as Lu, and her age was not released. Her motorcycle helmet flew off of her head during the mishap because she failed to fasten it properly, police said.

Lu hospitalized in Baise, Guangxi, China, after falling off her scooter and trapping her head in a metal fence. (Asiawire/Baise Police)


A police officer examines the fence Lu was trapped in. (Asiawire/Baise Police)

Her head became trapped in a gap in the metal face, and a piece of exposed metal wire cut her face. Images shared by local authorities showed Lu in distress as she asked witnesses to call the police.

The local fire department freed Lu and took her to a hospital for treatment. She suffered no life-threatening injuries, Baise police said.

(Edited by John Rossomando and Matthew Hall.)

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