HOPE Murals transform the dull, meek, intimidating, weather battered institutional walls of the Juvenile Detention Center, that represent punishment and confinement for the youth who reside there, to a gallery of beautiful, artistic, motivational canvases.

These transformed walls, filled with inspirational images, symbols and words intended to serve as catalyst for ALL to ‘self-reflect’, and provoke the critical thought process that lies within, to challenge oneself to examine ‘Where am I,’ ‘Where have I come from’ and ‘Where do I want to go,’ once my life continues beyond the bars. This ‘experiential’ methodology, serves as the foundation for youth to experience the natural process of “self-efficacy”, …an individual’s belief in his or her own innate ability to achieve goals,” and/or “how well one can execute courses of action required to deal with prospective situations. German DuBois III is founder and executive director of HOPE Murals. DuBois is also well known for his passion and capacity to leverage the Power of Art to affect change in the lives of those to be in the greatest need of support.