Atlanta – For Father’s Day, forget the tie, lawn equipment or new tool for the toolbox, give Dad the gift of free advice, endless dad jokes, resources and a virtual AI-powered confidant name Sage the Owl, to help him level up on his fatherhood skills. During its milestone 20th anniversary year, and just in time for Father’s Day 2024, Atlanta-based non-profit, Fathers Incorporated, launches, a free, dedicated online resource and virtual community to support fathers as they raise their children and navigate fatherhood.

Poppa University offers new or seasoned fathers, or even actively involved grandfathers:

• A range of tools and resources to empower fathers in their parenting journey

• A vibrant social media community for peer interaction

•. Practical parenting guides, selfhelp videos and brochures, and referral resources

• A ‘Fatherhood Fun Hub’ that includes contests, directory of TV and cinema dads, and dad jokes!

•. Interactive AI powered chatbot named Sage the Owl to assist 24/7

“Poppa University was born not only out of my lived experience as a father of five and father-figure to many, but through my decades of supporting, researching, and working with fathers and uplifting the importance of fatherhood in our society,” said Kenneth Braswell, founder and CEO, Fathers Incorporated. “I always knew there needed to be a place – a tool – that could help support dads 24/7, 365, that lets fathers know they are seen, they are valued, and that they are heard, and Poppa University does just that!” Research from the Ad Council highlights an inspiring fact: a staggering 97% of dads affirm that the day their child was born ranks among the best days of their lives. Additionally, children who enjoy quality time with their fathers show

an 80% lower likelihood of becoming involved in criminal activities. This underscores the profound impact of fatherly engagement, especially considering that over a quarter of children in the United States live apart from a parent. Each shared moment is invaluable. As Braswell says, “Every second spent together builds a foundation for a lifetime of love and resilience.”