Palm Beach County

Marcello-GalassoEXTRA PAY

Marcello Galasso called police to report that someone had gotten into the safe at the West Palm Beach car wash where he worked and made off with more than $8,000. After an investigation, Galasso was charged with stealing the money. He was one of only three people who had accessed the safe and he was also a recently hired employe, whose duties included taking money to the bank to make deposits. A co-owner said Galasso had a history of making deposits late or failing to make them at all. Galasso was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail. He is currently on probation related to his 2010 conviction for stealing a friend’s paychecks and cashing them.


National Rifle Association’s Florida head Marion Hammer has filed complaints with Gov. Rick Scott alleging police chiefs of Florida’s public universities improperly use tax dollars to fund their opposition to allowing guns on campuses. The state Legislature is considering whether to allow people with concealed weapons permits to carry weapons on state-controlled campuses.

Amy-GoldbergWHAT A MESS

Amy Goldberg, 57, of Boca Raton says it wasn’t her, but she is accused of smearing dog feces on her 67-year-old neighbor. The incident in question reportedly began as the neighbor was walking her dog, and the animal relieved itself on Goldberg’s lawn. An argument ensued over the dog droppings. Goldberg is charged with battery on a person over the age of 65.


Wawa, the huge Pennsylvania-based retailer with stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Central Florida is coming to West Palm Beach. Wawa is best described as a gas station with groceries and deli inside. The stores will compete against other convenience stores, none of which have fresh, made to order foods or the free ATM service. The company announced its entry into the South Florida market earlier this year and has selected a site near Palm Beach International Airport for its first location here.

Broward County


The city of Fort Lauderdale desegregated its beaches decades ago, but racist behavior and attitudes continue to plague the municipality. Following an investigation, four police officers no doubt were fired after their not-funny-at-all The Hoods movie trailer and racist text messages were released to the public. Officers James Wells, 30, Jason Holding, 31, and Christopher Sousa, 25, were fired. Officer Alex Alvarez, 22, resigned in January, but officials say he would have been fired anyway.


The International Game Fishing Hall of Fame, located in Dania Beach, is moving to Springfield, Missouri. In Springfield, the Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum will be part of a 315,000-square-foot museum and aquarium.

Miami-Dade County


LeBron James has not been able to sell his Coconut Grove mansion for $17 million, so he has dropped the price. Anyone interested in a six bedroom, 8.5 bath home with private boat docks and more, can get this if they have a cool $15 million laying around.


Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez has fired police union representative Lt. Rick Fernandez from his police officer job over his role in a fatal police shooting that took place in 2013. Officials say Fernandez put other officers and the public in harm’s way when he entered a house instead of waiting for SWAT to respond to the scene. Inside the house was Arturo Guzman, who was barricaded in a closet. Guzman was shot and killed by officers, who later found a suicide note and gun. Fernandez and the Police Benevolent Association vow to appeal the firing, calling it retaliation.

Monroe County


Bloodline is the Netflix-produced show that is set and filmed in the Florida Keys. Most of the filming was actually done in
Islamorada. A number of businesses and locations are featured in the program, which stars Sam Shepard, Sissy Spacek and others. Each season features 13 45-minute episodes.


Jeremy Dugas, 35, of Key West is charged with animal cruelty over his alleged hog-tying of large iguanas he had for sale in Key West. According to the report, Dugas had the reptiles’ legs secured with duct tape and hanging from his bicycle. Dugas told officers he intended to eat the iguanas, but some witnesses said he told them he would sell them.


Francisco Leon Marquez, 39, was sentenced to 15 years in prison over the stabbing death of 29-year-old Geovani Perez. He agreed to plead guilty to second-degree manslaughter and avoid a possible life sentence if found guilty of murder at trial.


Marathon Councilman Dan Zieg has advocated for a deputy city manager position and the city has accepted a number of applications for the position. All is well, except the pay. There is no money allocated in this year’s budget to pay for the position. Oops.