Miami, Fla. – The North Beach Bandshell will be able to reach audiences in person and around the world thanks to a $1.5M investment from the Knight Foundation in the Rhythm Foundation, which manages the Bandshell, ushering in a new chapter of art and technology. The announcement coincides with the venue’s 60th anniversary and recent designation as a historic landmark by the City of Miami Beach.

The Rhythm Foundation will use Knight’s investment to install advanced equipment and software that allows performers to create cutting-edge content, livestream productions and record performances to reach local, national and international audiences.

“This investment from the Knight Foundation builds on our work during the pandemic to expand our multimedia capabilities,” said James Quinlan, director of the Rhythm Foundation. “We’ll now be able to flip the switch and ensure the Bandshell is a full-fledged virtual venue, able to reach and connect international audiences with our rich cultural content.”

“In today’s world, audiences expect viewing options. The Rhythm Foundation understands that integrating technology into the creation, presentation and experience of art is a great way to attract, expand and maintain audiences both on-site and virtually,” said Victoria Rogers, Knight’s vice president for the Arts.